Saturday, June 22, 2019

Review: Lord of Chaos

Lord of Chaos Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can see the potential this has to become what I heard before starting it that it sags in the middle or drops in quality in the middle books and what not but journey taken is fun and reading a big series is fun unto itself though I agree that this would be the biggest book series with a continued story otherwise the biggest series I have read so far is Jack Reacher series where I have read 22 or 23 books so far.

Coming back to this book, this was a long and slow book where nothing would happen at all for multiple pages hell even chapters like another reviewer said this book or story in this book picks up almost after the half way through. Good thing that Perrin was back along with all the other characters. Listening to the story is it's own fun.

But As much as I am committed to see this series to the end I shall once again take a break from the series to read some other stuff and would return to the 7th part after the little detour to other tales.

So yeah if you like fantasy then do jump to the bandwagon but remember this is the 6th book in a 14 book series it's not a standalone book so start from the beginning or you wouldn't get half the things happening and already very less things happen :P so read this read more and just Keep on Reading.

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