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Zero Percentile - Missed IIT Kissed Russia - Book Review

Let me say it first up it is one of the better debut novels written by people on their life after Chetan Bhagat's success. Zero Percentile tells the story of Pankaj using different time-periods, Pankaj's Childhood, his teenage years and rest till late 20s. Basically it tells the story of Pankaj who is a wonderful student and his sole aim is to reach IIT and make his family proud. When his family faces difficulty in arranging proper IIT coaching for him, Pankaj himself goes and starts working with a IIT Coaching center and along with his school and IIT preparations he also helps at the center.his trainers also believes in him and know that he will be able to score enough to be placed in top 100 in entire India. But life decides something unpleasant for him and following an accident just before IIT exam, he becomes 'Zero Percentile' the guy with no score and goes into depression. Pankaj's father arranges using his contacts chance for his to study in Russia. After this part Pankaj's life and hardship begins in Russia, he like everybody else wants a college in Moscow but instead is allocated to a town unheard to him called Volgograd - 'City of Heroes'. Just then story continues about his hostel life and college life and once global economy knocks the doors of Russia. Pankaj starts working for his seniors but when they double cross him on a deal. Pankaj establishes his own business and how the story unfolds, its all described beautifully, its really a page-turner.

This is the Debut Novel of Neeraj Chhibba published in 2009

My Score for 'Zero Percentile - Missed IIT Kissed Russia' **** out of *****

Screwed - Book Review

Screwed is a British book telling the story of Marsha Webb, who along with her friend Faith roams around their school having sexual encounters with different and keeping the count and always trying to better one up the other. okay so the book goes on that both the girls are like this due to their family situation as usual and since our heroine always has her ways in bed. She makes a 50 Pound bet with Faith that she will F&@k one of the most reserved boy of the school, who doesn't give her any value. Then it goes like numerous movies you might have seen and such books. The boy is different from all the other boys and he just doesn't want a One-Night Stand but a proper relationship, just how our heroine goes from having one-night stand to wanting to have a relationship. Essentially it once again shows that we always try to change the other one in love but we ourselves don't know when we ourselves are changed permanently by love. Although predictable but its still a nice read also teenage characters give it a different taste. Worth reading, for the emotions and mental situation of Marsha which is explained very effectively.

This Book was written by Joanna Kendrick in 2008

My Rating for 'Screwed' - *** out of *****

P.S. I Love You - Book Review

Hmm... So you must know that this book has already been made into a movie starring Hillary Swank and Gerald Butler, and if you have seen the movie you will have all the major ideas like what the book is about. For uninitiated this is the story of two childhood Sweethearts Gerry and Holly, whose love story was perfect but tragedy strikes when Gerry dies. Holly breaks down and cuts herself from the world  Refusing to leave the house or removing Gerry's items from the house. Then on her 30th Birthday Holly receives a letter from none other than her dead husband Gerry. Telling her to move on with her life without him and to help her do just that Gerry wrote her letters to be delivered every month telling her the things to do so that she can start to move over him however difficult it might be. This book follows Holly's heartbreak and how her family and friends come together to help her and how can you make change in your loved ones life even after you are gone. It is a sad story but a must read.

This Cecelia Ahern written Bestseller was first published in 2004 and the movie was released in 2007.

My Rating for 'P.S. I Love You' - **** out of ***** 

Peter and the Starcatchers

This Book is written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. This is the story of an orphan named Peter and chronicles his journey from being a normal boy and an orphan at that to one of the greatest hero 'Peter Pan'. Yes this book precedes J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan'. It tells you how Peter got the powers to fly and how did he reach Never land. Okay one spoiler though not a spoiler per say. Never land is the name of the ship on which Peter gains his powers to fly. He comes to the ship when he is saved by a girl named Molly who becomes his friend. This contain all the back story of Peter Pan, who actually was Peter Pan? How did he learn to fight? How did he learn to fly? Did he meet the Pirate before becoming Peter Pan? Oh Yes.. Does he cut pirate hand in this book? hmm Spoiler - Yes.

This Children book was first published  in 2004.

My Rating for 'Peter and the Starcatchers' - ***1/2 out of *****

The Deed - Book Review

The Deed works on and establishes the idea that during mid 1600 while Manhattan was under Dutch Rule and the Native American's from Manhattan called Manhatta were living on the island. To save themselves they sell the island to a Dutch Mediator named Pieter Haanvoort   and puts Manhattan island under Pieter and his later generation's control. But with time  everybody forgets about the deed except the Indian tribe Manhatta who lives in a reservation in a very small quantity. Story actually starts with Jason Hansvoort the last surviving member of Pieter's family and he is contacted by one of the last Manhatta Amanda.
She convinces Jason that there actually is such Deed which can make him the actual owner of entire Manhattan island and this book chronicles their journey together in the search of the deed. There's a side angle of some mafia guys as well.
Although by cover it may appear that its a funny book, its not, its fairly serious book with occasional light writing don't except laughs from this one. Although this makes for and interesting read.
Do read this book, if you can get your hands to this one, that is.
This book was debut novel by US Maxim's Editor-in-Chief Keith Blanchard during 2003. But this novel was in work for 7 years that why you will find references to World Trade Center in this book, though most movies and novels which were made after 9/11 2001, removed the references and frames of World Trade Center Towers.
Okay so then finishing my review, its time for the score so 
'The Deed' Scores *** out of *****

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