Saturday, April 18, 2015

An Abundance of Katherines - John Green

This is my attempt to try to complete my own A to Z April Challenge 2015. First post for letter 'A'.

An Abundance of Katherines is second book by John Green. John Green of course is very famous now as the author of 'The Fault in Our Stars'.

So this book follows a washed up former child prodigy Colin Singleton who is trying to get over his break up from his girlfriend Katherine and Colin always dates girls whose name is Katherine and Colin always gets dumped this being his 19th dumping. In order to get over his sadness Colin decides to go on a road trip with his best friend Hassan. And go on road trip they do.

The books tell about how they wind up in a small town, meet Lindsey and her mom and how Colin deals with his sadness. Like all John Green books this one also deals with questions about life and the meaning it holds. Colin tries to work on a theorem which can predict all the relationships, because he wants to be remembered for doing something important.  

Eventually book deals about how Colin learns more about life and his own place in the grand scheme of things. Another big part of book is Colin's love for anagrams, he spends many lines busy making anagrams.

The book is well written with funny bits here and there but for me the book never clicked completely. I liked the book and for me it was a resounding middle ground.

My Ratings - 3/5 i.e. ***/*****

My own A to Z challenge

Well Well Well I have been so busy with not doing anything this year that I totally forgot that April is Blogging from A to Z April Challenge month and so couldn't register too. Also Its already 17th of the month. And I am waking up now. But I intend you take care of it now and jump head long in to my own challenge. I would be covering my book blog this year. Last year I covered my fiction and photography blogs under this challenge and completed it for both of them.

So since I am doing my own challenge, would be on my own term. In case I can not post the review for the book by the title, I would be posting details about the books from that letter. 

Worry not child for I wouldn't be straying away from the books, after all this blog was created for the love of books and that love is eternal. So do whatever you want but don't forget to Keep on Reading.


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