Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Zero Percentile - Missed IIT Kissed Russia - Book Review

Let me say it first up it is one of the better debut novels written by people on their life after Chetan Bhagat's success. Zero Percentile tells the story of Pankaj using different time-periods, Pankaj's Childhood, his teenage years and rest till late 20s. Basically it tells the story of Pankaj who is a wonderful student and his sole aim is to reach IIT and make his family proud. When his family faces difficulty in arranging proper IIT coaching for him, Pankaj himself goes and starts working with a IIT Coaching center and along with his school and IIT preparations he also helps at the center.his trainers also believes in him and know that he will be able to score enough to be placed in top 100 in entire India. But life decides something unpleasant for him and following an accident just before IIT exam, he becomes 'Zero Percentile' the guy with no score and goes into depression. Pankaj's father arranges using his contacts chance for his to study in Russia. After this part Pankaj's life and hardship begins in Russia, he like everybody else wants a college in Moscow but instead is allocated to a town unheard to him called Volgograd - 'City of Heroes'. Just then story continues about his hostel life and college life and once global economy knocks the doors of Russia. Pankaj starts working for his seniors but when they double cross him on a deal. Pankaj establishes his own business and how the story unfolds, its all described beautifully, its really a page-turner.

This is the Debut Novel of Neeraj Chhibba published in 2009

My Score for 'Zero Percentile - Missed IIT Kissed Russia' **** out of *****


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  2. Will definitely give this book a read, Vikas.

    On a personal note, I prefer Indian authors more.

    1. Please do read this book you won't be disappointed.

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