Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Screwed - Book Review

Screwed is a British book telling the story of Marsha Webb, who along with her friend Faith roams around their school having sexual encounters with different and keeping the count and always trying to better one up the other. okay so the book goes on that both the girls are like this due to their family situation as usual and since our heroine always has her ways in bed. She makes a 50 Pound bet with Faith that she will F&@k one of the most reserved boy of the school, who doesn't give her any value. Then it goes like numerous movies you might have seen and such books. The boy is different from all the other boys and he just doesn't want a One-Night Stand but a proper relationship, just how our heroine goes from having one-night stand to wanting to have a relationship. Essentially it once again shows that we always try to change the other one in love but we ourselves don't know when we ourselves are changed permanently by love. Although predictable but its still a nice read also teenage characters give it a different taste. Worth reading, for the emotions and mental situation of Marsha which is explained very effectively.

This Book was written by Joanna Kendrick in 2008

My Rating for 'Screwed' - *** out of *****

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