Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Deed - Book Review

The Deed works on and establishes the idea that during mid 1600 while Manhattan was under Dutch Rule and the Native American's from Manhattan called Manhatta were living on the island. To save themselves they sell the island to a Dutch Mediator named Pieter Haanvoort   and puts Manhattan island under Pieter and his later generation's control. But with time  everybody forgets about the deed except the Indian tribe Manhatta who lives in a reservation in a very small quantity. Story actually starts with Jason Hansvoort the last surviving member of Pieter's family and he is contacted by one of the last Manhatta Amanda.
She convinces Jason that there actually is such Deed which can make him the actual owner of entire Manhattan island and this book chronicles their journey together in the search of the deed. There's a side angle of some mafia guys as well.
Although by cover it may appear that its a funny book, its not, its fairly serious book with occasional light writing don't except laughs from this one. Although this makes for and interesting read.
Do read this book, if you can get your hands to this one, that is.
This book was debut novel by US Maxim's Editor-in-Chief Keith Blanchard during 2003. But this novel was in work for 7 years that why you will find references to World Trade Center in this book, though most movies and novels which were made after 9/11 2001, removed the references and frames of World Trade Center Towers.
Okay so then finishing my review, its time for the score so 
'The Deed' Scores *** out of *****

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