Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Room - Jonas Karlsson

What would you do, if your reality is different than everybody else's reality?

What is reality? Can an entire office be trying to keep a secret?

All these and more questions are at the base of this quirky book. 

Bjork is our protagonist in this book written by Jonas Karlsson who is also a Swedish actor.  Well this book is certainly different and quirky. The book is very short at around only 140 pages long for my advance e-book review copy. Many chapters are very short as well.

The story starts as Bjork joins a new office at the 'Authority', he starts thinking that the new office would be better for his future. Bjork has a different way of working and thinking. Bjork considers himself superior to most of his colleagues. When he finds a room where he finds everything to be immaculate and clean, his life changes. He feels invincible and clarity of the mind in the room, problem is that nobody else seems to notice or know about the room. 

Everybody denies the existence of room and treats Bjork like he is a madman. 

But what is real and if the room really exists or is it part of Bjork's imagination? well this and more answers are provided in this super odd book. I loved it and probably you would too. 

Ratings - 4/5 (****/*****)

Note - I was provided an advanced E-Book review copy by Blogging for Books in exchange on an honest review.


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