Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peter and the Starcatchers

This Book is written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. This is the story of an orphan named Peter and chronicles his journey from being a normal boy and an orphan at that to one of the greatest hero 'Peter Pan'. Yes this book precedes J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan'. It tells you how Peter got the powers to fly and how did he reach Never land. Okay one spoiler though not a spoiler per say. Never land is the name of the ship on which Peter gains his powers to fly. He comes to the ship when he is saved by a girl named Molly who becomes his friend. This contain all the back story of Peter Pan, who actually was Peter Pan? How did he learn to fight? How did he learn to fly? Did he meet the Pirate before becoming Peter Pan? Oh Yes.. Does he cut pirate hand in this book? hmm Spoiler - Yes.

This Children book was first published  in 2004.

My Rating for 'Peter and the Starcatchers' - ***1/2 out of *****

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