Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Review: The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If the first book was kinda sorta inspired by LOTR then the second one is surely not the one to do that because between the first and the second book I finished the Hobbit and LOTR trilogy. So I can now at least tell when the other fantasy works are inspired by the great modern classic.

The second part starts after the events of the first book now the team is back in a kingdom relaxing when a legend becomes real and the title of the book comes true as the team goes in the hunt of the horn after it is stolen along with Matt's dagger which is dangerously attached to him. The action moves through cities and countries and is full of action.

The book is also full of Rand's struggle to try to run away from his destiny and so are his friends who are with him but later not when he tries to push them away with some harsh words. I liked this one and the action and emotions are wonderful and also the older fantasy is somehow different. I would continue now onto the next book in the series and after this there are still 14 books remaining, a long series indeed. Don't know how long these characters will be with us.

So yes it is worth picking up these initial books to get into this legendary series and always remember to just Keep on Reading .

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