Sunday, June 30, 2019

Review: MAI: A Graphic Novel

MAI: A Graphic Novel MAI: A Graphic Novel by Sriram Jagannathan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of all the thing to know this was a self published graphic novel so kudos to the author for continuing to push his dream forward. This is the story of Malviya "Mai" Iyer a 13 years old girl who is living in a small town in Rajasthan with her family. Mai was a super active kid who was excellent in her studies and extracurricular activities too but she unfortunately lost her hands and almost lost her life in a grenade blast. This is the book which shows her happiness, this is a book which shows her pain, this is a book which shows her struggle and her family's struggles especially her mother. This was a wonderful read and I wish that more and more people know about this great true tale.

I have always loved comics, and I hope that I will always love them. Even though I grew up reading local Indian comics like Raj Comics or Diamond Comics or even Manoj Comics now's the time to catch up on the international and classic comics and Graphic novels. I am on my quest to read as many comics I can. So you also give a chance to comics and Graphic Novels and Keep on Reading.

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