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Review: Prince of Thorns

Prince of Thorns Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well you like Anti-Heroes did you say? You like different characters? You liked conflicted characters? Well Mark Lawrence heard you all and gave a you kid who at 14 is much more bad-ass, cruel and heartless that you would be hard-pressed to call him a hero or an Anti-Hero no sir Jorg is a villain with a band of villain who go around killing people, raping girls/women, looting them and shocker Jorg is an actual prince who saw the murder of his mother and younger brother and since then his heart is full of hate and he has let hate fester so much that his heart is now dark with hate and he doesn't even think for a second before slitting the throat of someone he was travelling for last few months.

And if you think by the setting and the world that this is fantasy novel set during the middle ages then one interesting line shatters that idea to million nay Billion little pieces and then there was nothing and hopefully things will be explored in the next books.

You wouldn't believe if I tell you how long this trilogy and then next trilogy and the next trilogy by Mr. Lawrence was with me and I was just waiting for I don't know what but it took almost destruction of two books in the latest trilogy that I finally decided to start my journey in the fantasy world created by Mark Lawrence who is amazingly super active on Goodreads. As I finish this I already have the next book in the series King of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #2) by Mark Lawrence out and ready and hope to start it as soon as I reach home. Hey also far warning this is a violent violent book with lotsa violence and sexual crimes and references so tread carefully.

So having provided you the warning, I obviously loved the book and would suggest you to go ahead and enjoy this world and prepare to get lost in bloody adventures of a 14 years old prince who is full of zeal to avenge the crimes against him and then as usual just Keep on Reading.

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