Thursday, January 3, 2019

My Reading Journey of Year 2018

As readers as much as we love to read, tracking our reading progress and the books we have read is also important. Different readers use different methods, and along with tracking the progress, readers also love to use Reading Challenge to motivate themselves to read more than the previous year or simply read more than they would read otherwise. To that end I love to use and am using Goodreads to track my reading progress over the years and I also participate in Goodreads Reading Challenge to challenge myself to read more and read often. It's a simple challenge where everything you read counts, people who want to diversify their reading they can chose to take countless different reading challenge which has different topics which you have to tackle through to complete that point. 

    Having said that I am using Goodreads Reading Challenge since 2013 and I have been able to complete my reading challenge each time so far. So to that end what was my reading challenge for the year 2018. My initial challenge was 150 books which I reached pretty soon, so then I updated it to 200 books and so on and so forth. My final books target was 300 and I ended up reading total 338 books in the last year.

You might be wondering now how did I manage to read 338 books well it's this way that first I always read lot of comics so that helps, second I starting listening to my e-books so that has helped to continue reading while I work or ride to and fro work and then there is good old fashioned reading. So the number you see above is my year long reading journey and I hope to continue that in this new year 2019 as well. My initial target for this year is 250 and let's see how far I can push it then. So Happy New Year and Happy Reading Year to all my reading friends, also share how do you track your reading and do you also take part in any reading challenge or not. So till then Keep on Reading.

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