Friday, December 28, 2018

Let's talk about Readers

Few facts about the readers

1. They Read (Duh!)
2. They Collect Books
3. They Cherish Books
4. They have a huge To-be-Read pile or bookcases

All four are true for me for with reading my biggest passion is collecting books because sometimes the deal is too good. Other times you can't even be sure that the book would be in store for long. And that results in many books that you still have to read. 

For me those books now fill two bookcases almost completely and I stuff my bookcases because more than the display they are the place to safeguard my books. So that's that and if you are curious here are the two bookcases.


The space you are seeing the top shelf of the Red bookcase is already filling up and I already have 5 more books on the way. And yes before I forget to brag, here's another bookcase which is currently back at my home and it contains all the books I had read till the point I switched the cities.

Needless to say I have few more books here too which I have read and I store them properly so they don't get dust or other issues. So that's so far about the current status now coming to the thought which just came into my mind. I love buying books, I love arranging them, I love reading them, I love having them but space is something which is limited. So I will try to minimize book buying in the new year let's call it my new year resolution but let's not get too crazy, it's not a ban after all just in a week's time there's going to the World Book Fair, and I am ready. But after that I would focus more on emptying the bookcases first before filling them again. 

It's not that I don't read, I read and in fact I read more than 300 books already and hope to finish few more before the final hour rolls of the year. But all the same out of more than 300 books only 70 odd were physical rest all are e-Books and because I can listen to my e-Books while I am doing other work and that's lead to many books which I can now mark as 'Read'.

So, let's plan so the plan for next year is again to have lot of reading but I would also focus on the physical books in my bookcases. And particular focus would be on the books which are in my bookcase for years and still waiting to be read. I did forget to talk about the books which are there with me for 10 years and still waiting to be read but that's topic of a separate talk of its own. So till then, I hope you had a great Christmas and here's wishing you a very Happy New Year in advance. 

Keep on Reading

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