Friday, January 4, 2019

Reading Plans for the New Year 2019

So Let's continue the conversation from my last blog post. It was all about the journey of last year, how many books I read, how did I read, what was the strategy. Now that we are already three days in the New Year let's talk about the Reading Challenge for 2019 and what books I am looking forward to reading. My initial reading challenge goal is set to 250 books. The number is high because I read lot of comics and I love reading them so very much. Like I did last year, if I manage to get to my goal before the year end I would modify the challenge by 50-100 books then.

Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge
This year,

I am planning to finally start reading Manga comics hopefully, so that I shall be able to understand the many Manga inspired cosplay in better details. I bought bunch of graphic novels towards the end of the year and hope to continue the trend.

I am also planning or in fact have already starting to pick those books to read which have been waiting to be read for many years. There are lot of books which are waiting to be read for 10 years now, but all I can say is I would get to all, but all in due time.

I am also participating in few extra reading challenges from the groups I am part of on Goodreads. One such challenge is 12 Months, 12 Genres. Where you have make a concentrated effort to ensure that in the year you read books  which belong to the following genres:

♦ Classics
♦ Romance
♦ Fantasy
♦ Humour
♦ Adventure/Horror
♦ Young Adult
♦ Science Fiction
♦ Mystery/Thriller
♦ Contemporary
♦ Paranormal
♦ Historical
♦ Non-fiction

Now if you read a lot like me then it's not such a difficult challenge and this also helps to keep the reading list fresh if the books are from different genres and who knows if you won't find a new favorite from a new which you might not have tried before? So  Cheers to New Decisions, Cheers to the New Resolutions, Cheers to the New Plannings, Cheers to a New Year, May all you have a great reading year and you find new favorites to cherish this year as well. So remember whether you read only one book a year or many books in a year remember to Keep on Reading.

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