Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Book Review - Afterlight by Aditya Mewati

What it is - A new dystopian novel by Aditya Mewati, and it's probably the first dystopian novel by an Indian so kudos there.

Blurb from Goodreads - Despite being raised to hate her own existence, Sayra Green found love after she met Aaron and his family. They gave her hope in a world where everyone is segregated as worthy and unworthy. 

They made her feel safe in a dystopian era where beasts prowl the land, and there are only a few walls to keep them out. 

Now, after turning seventeen, Sayra commits an act which sets in motion an event that starts affecting many lives, and with things going from bad to worse, can she save the people who ones saved her?

Review - So this is the story of Sayra and Aaron who are living in a dystopian city where on turning 17 everyone has to go through mandatory DNA test and based on that 25% are selected as unworthy and they aren't allowed to breed. This is a fast read with multiple POV chapters. Like I said this is probably the first dystopian novel by an Indian and this made me so so happy. This was the first book which I finished in the year 2019 and it was my first review on Goodreads for the year. When you would start the book it will feel like a fantasy novel because of the limited facilities in the city the story is based in and then it turns into proper dystopian level. Only issues I found was that sometimes the event occured too quickly and the story would jump here and there. But still it's a very nice effort by Aditya. 

Final Ratings -      4 out of 5
                               **** out of *****

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