Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Review: Past Tense

Past Tense Past Tense by Lee Child
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have now read all of Jack Reacher books available barring few short stories here and there. So now again the wait for the next book starts. This wasn't always the case it was fun when I picked up this series of 20 books and read them one by one but then just like most series I caught up with it and now must wait for the regular release.

Coming back to the book this is a typical Jack Reacher thriller where Reacher goes to a place on slightest of thoughts this time it was to be the town where his father grew up but when he checked he was told that no Reacher lived in the town, and thus Reacher's quest begins. Along with Reacher there is a couple from Canada who are traveling to US looking for a better future but they find themselves stuck in a seedy motel with seedier owners.

Like I said it was a typical Reacher book so of course I loved it but again there were few pacing issues in the beginning but boy when it begins to move does it fly. Here the stakes are slightly personal as Reacher is trying to get information about his father and does find something shocking but it's all fun and I am again left waiting for the next Reacher book.

So pick it now or read the entire series if you are missing so far and then just Keep on Reading.

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