Monday, August 26, 2019

Review: An Unsuitable Boy

An Unsuitable Boy An Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My colleague asked me "Why are reading this Gay's book?" Unfortunately there are many people who are like this and my colleague is no different. Yeah I know he is homophobic and an Idiot but unfortunately that shouldn't be criteria to ever pick a work whether it's music, movies or books. Now coming to the book this is a no-hold bars, no nonsense, unapologetic and honest way Karan Johar one of the most successful movie makers in Bollywood today. I loved this book and one extra star is to combat all those biased idiots like my colleague who will just mark this down because Karan is Gay well if he is even then it's none of your business. In fact if you believe him he is almost Asexual. Well again his sexuality has no bearing on what he does and what he does is I love sometimes and sometimes I completely ignored as I am doing to most of the Bollywood stuff but coming to the book this is wonderful in it's honesty and narration.

Like always I rate books on the basis of how much fun they were and how they made me feel. This was lot of fun and if my schedule would be any less hectic I would also have finished it in one or two sittings. Do pick this if you like Karan or no maybe you will end up learning a thing or two. So till then next time you know what to do just Keep on Reading.

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