Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Review: Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska Looking for Alaska by John Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Re-reading books has it's own charm and especially if it's a new edition of an old favorite I loved rereading Harry Potter books and loved re-reading this 10th Anniversary edition of the first book by John Green. I had last read it more than 4 and a half year ago in Feb 2015. I have been watching John and Hank's vlogBrothers videos even before I knew who John was and I am a Proud NerdFighter for many years now. So coming back to this book was fun and you don't realize how much of the book you have forgotten till you re-read it. Of course I knew the major points but I was surprised to see that I only remembered the broad points and the things that I knew still hit me as hard as it had hit me the first time. Probably that's the strength of good books. I can proudly say that I have read all of John's and Hank's books but I might not be able to remember all of them in details as I last read till TFIOS back in 2015 and then Turtles All the Way Down when it came and An Absolutely Remarkable Thing just few days back. So is it time to re-read all of John Green's books? As much as I would like to do so one thing which makes it difficult are my TBR Bookcases which contain more than 1000 books which are unread so I always push myself to finish new books some of which are waiting on TBR since I bought them 12 years ago. I am so bad :).

Being 10th Year anniversary edition it contained the original drafts of few scenes which showed how different were the scenes originally written and how far did the book develop. There is also an interview with the author and then a small letter by Michael Cart who was chairman of Printz Award Committee which had selected this book as the recipient of Michael L. Printz award. I am not writing about the plot or story because you can always find that in Goodreads or Wikipedia it's about my feeling for this book and I love it, in fact I liked it better in my second run through of the book and I am glad to have given the time to read it again. I have started watching the vlogbrothers videos too and loving every second of it.

So I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone whether you love YA or not after all I turned 37 yesterday but I felt every emotional beat of this book another matter is I love YA books. So in case you still haven't read it pick it and if you read it way back maybe pick your old copy again read it and then just Keep on Reading.

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