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Review: Never Say Die

Never Say Die Never Say Die by Anthony Horowitz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After the 9th book in the series ended and the 10th book of the series turned out to be a prequel, I never thought that Alex Rider will ride on for a new adventure but it's difficult to keep a winning horse down so as soon as I came to know about this book obviously I had to read this after all after reading 10 books already in the series it was a given that I shall be reading the next one and next one in the series too.

This book starts with a time gap of six months after the fact that the first 9 books took place in slightly over a one year gap. We find Alex in San Francisco living with Pleasures and trying to move on with the life. And then suddenly Alex gets an incomplete and cryptic email of just 3 words which somehow convinces Alex that his friend and caretaker Jack Starbright didn't die but somehow is alive. And there he goes traveling around the World trying to retrace his steps and trying to find Jack alive and well.

This book works beautifully to ensure that it would be only way where Alex would leave his new home and get in to the action once again and how nicely it was done. This time Alex doesn't have help from MI6 well little bit may be and in the final act nobody even knows where the bad guys and Alex are and Alex has to save himself and others with his quick wit and his training.

This was just the kind of adventure which would have been possible and it was full of action and Alex finds himself from one perilous situation to another and it was glorious fun to read. So yes do go right on ahead pick this one of course this goes without saying that you should try to read the earlier books in the series and then come to this book in an orderly fashion and then just Keep on Reading.

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