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Review: Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
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So yeah I am finally done with my first read of a Bronte sister book and yay it's Wuthering Heights the name of a house which sees so much through a short period of 50 years or so. The story is mostly told through the flashbacks or recollection by the housekeeper Ellen Dean and in the last part by the tenant Lockwood. So sad to know that it was only novel by Emily Bronte would have loved to read more of her work.

Coming to the next stop in my classic train, we arrive to perhaps few of the most famous literary works in the world. The story though by now many of you would already know this after all this book has more than a million ratings so more than a million people have read it on goodreads and countless over the year who didn't have access to internet or awesome Goodreads . This is as much as a love story as the tale or love so passionate that it destroys multiple families in the heat of it's passion. Or it's about hatred of an anti-hero who sucks the joy out of everyone he touches till everyone is as miserable as he is. This was the original 'An Abundance of Katherines' here are two Katherines a mother and the daughter. Both love stories and oh how can I forget in the second go all were cousins and cousins and cousins. Even Heathcliff was a foster brother or maybe just a servant as they treated him as such. I guess it was the first book to tell the tale of such bright love that it burned everyone it touched and drove the people in love mad and even after they died they roamed around as ghosts, oh yeah there are ghosts in here too, lurking here and there. But it's a love story, it's a hate story, it's literature, it's classic now what it's not is a horror story. Oh but it contains horrors, the horrors of cruelty, horrors of love, horrors of misunderstanding in love, horrors of anger, horrors of passion.

If you don't already know, my consumption of E-books has changed and I mostly listen to them now due to this I am able to finish way more books and it also lands some extra character to the storytelling. Also as is the case with classics this also has introductions and notes explaining the story and book and the life of Bronte sisters. I am just happy that in this current run of my catching of the classics so far I have loved all the ones I have read let's see how far the streak goes or I might just stop it here or move back to Harry Dresden saga after all that poor Wizard for hire has more suffering in his life. But that's the talk for another book.

So yeah it's a classic and has already survived for more than 170 years so already know it's good and good enough to stand the test of time and if like me you missed it so far then remedy that read this masterpiece immediately and then just Keep on Reading .

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