Saturday, February 16, 2019

Review: Empire of Blood

Empire of Blood Empire of Blood by Arjun Raj Gaind
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was another original graphic novel from the house of Graphic India and like I said before it is good to see the artists and companies trying to do something original for a change and with this movement we would finally see the medium of Graphic Novel increasing as a storytelling device rather than being viewed as just comics for adults.

Now coming to the book, this is drawn beautifully in monochrome like sephia but with red. Story of this may be from a storyline is some series like The Twilight Zone. This is topsy turvy world where England was able to beat everything in the world war and is now ruling most of the world with blood. it has been often said that the British Empire bled India dry in here that is done literally as the Empire uses the blood for some nefarious purpose.

The story moves quickly enough what with 4 issues in the original run and it was fine just a slight new polish on the What If model of storytelling, we have mostly seen the scenarios where Nazis win the war and here a losing England wins the war with a miracle potion called Aqua Vitae. What is the miracle potion nobody knows but the new World is terrible and racist than ever before. So naturally our hero is a Britisher and has to fall in love with an Indian girl so yeah it's like movie or a TV series but done good enough.

Nice graphic novel and like I said earlier it's nice to see something new tried. So do give the support to the writers and publishers and read the damn thing so that more effort can be put in the future titles, so read and read and just Keep on Reading.

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