Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Review: Dead Beat

Dead Beat Dead Beat by Jim Butcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In his seventh adventure, Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard comes up against several necromancers whom are all powerful than him and he has to take all the help to overcome this threat or else there would be multiple people will die and yeah Murphy is out of action this time enjoying holiday in Hawaii.

Poor Harry he wants to do good but no good deed goes unpunished so it happens to him and he finds himself facing one of his toughest challenge yet and so many times coming just short of losing his life for fighting for the cause he believes in. Harry Dresden's saga continue and it is as strong as ever and as wonderful a read even in the seventh go and this is clearly the reason why the series is so popular. I have read seven books continuously in this series and now would be taking a short break from the series coming back to it later.

Harry is supported this time by Butters a medical examiner who works in a morgue and Thomas his brother who is a white court vampire. Once more Harry was in one peril after another with no help and he is chased by a fallen angel too who wants to help him as she says but Harry is not ready to believe or succumb to her. Oh well it's also fine and then there were Billy and his gang and Harry has to keep them away to keep them safe.

So yeah then do pick this book or start the series just once you do just Keep on Reading.

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