Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book Review - The Treasure of Kafur by Aroon Raman

One thing which I don't like much about Indian authors is that they seem to focus only on one type of subject love stories. That is why I am always interested in the books which are different. Just like the one I have got today. 

'The Treasure of Kafur' is a tale centered around India of 16th century about 1580s. This is a historical fiction and its a lovely book. There I said it, I loved it absolutely loved it for the language, for the flow, for the characters, for the story, for the research for everything the author has done.

The story as the title suggests about a treasure of lore and legends actually the original treasure wasn't lost and it was huge (241 tonne Gold, 20000 Horses and 612 Elephants all laden with looted treasure of South India). But that's where fiction element come into the picture, its historical fiction and it works beautifully. 

Our Hero is Dattatreya a 21 years old man living with his Grandmother Ambu who are both Guardians and can communicate with animals. Datta is always with few animals Aditi - his Cow, Manas - his Tortoise, Kanka and Shukra - Ravens and Sheherazad - a parrot. Ambu comes to know of the location of the lost treasure of Kafur and the cruel ruler of country Khandesh wants that treasure to wage a war against Mughal empire. So Ambu is kidnapped by him and Datta races against time to reach Agra to Akbar to alert him of the treasure and get his Ambu free.

The story progresses like a fantasy novel and there are certainly few elements. In all I simply loved this wonderful effort by the author. Hoping to read more of his writing.

My Ratings - 5/5
In Stars     - ***** / *****

Note - I received an author signed copy by Aroon himself but that hasn't changed any of my words or review I genuinely loved the book. I even forgo sleep to write this review.

This review is part of First Reads challenge 2014 and IQRC 2014.

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