Monday, April 14, 2014

Book Review - Girl Alone by Rupa Gulab

'Girl Alone' is a book by Rupa Gulab. At 204 pages it's a fairly small book.

Our protagonist  Arti moved to Mumbai from Kolkata for a job and lives in a hostel with her best friends Monica and Jo. Together they go through life and relationships. But its all the way through Arti's story and thus her snobbery and cynicism rules over. 

Arti's solution for life's tests and troubles is simple Cough Syrup. You are alone - Cough Syrup, Break-up - Cough Syrup, Feel like crying - Cough Syrup, you get the idea. As a voice Arti accepts that much and she really is a snob who feels that she is so superior to all the other less read people. Though I must say that I really liked the numerous references and quotes from classic literature and rock songs.

In all I liked the book enough to finish it and didn't feel like throwing it across the room. It is an enjoyable read so if you feel like it go for this Chic Lit.

My Ratings - 3/5
In Stars      - *** / *****

My review for this book is part of IQRC 2014.

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