Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Review - Under The Dome by Stephen King

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What if one fine day you wake up to find yourself trapped? not only you but everyone in your town with you? Your Entire town covered by an invisible force field which can not be crossed over. Same thing happens this novel.

'Under The Dome' is a horror/suspense novel written by Stephen King, an author known worldwide for his horror novels. This is one of his newer novels and also one of the biggest ones clocking more than 1000 pages. 

As the name implies the story is about Chester's Mill a small US town in Maine which suddenly gets trapped under a dome and no one has any idea about how or what happened. And people try to find out about life being trapped inside an invisible mysterious impenetrable bubble which can not be broken away and the town people try to live their trapped under it.  

Since its big novel there are lot of characters from animals to lot of humans. Our hero is Dale 'Barbie' Barbara and villain is town's 2nd Selectman Big Jim Rennie. There is constant struggle throughout the novel from Rennie to get total control over town. 

There are lot of secrets spread around town and what can happen to a town if its cut off from everywhere and people are scared. Government tries every trick but can not get through. 

As I said earlier its a big book as it deals with lot of characters major and minor. Its an enjoyable read and if you like Stephen King's writing you would like it too. For me it was my second King novel looking to read more of his works.

My Ratings - 4/5
Stars Rating- ****/*****


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