Friday, September 13, 2013

InkHeart - Book Review

This trilogy of books took me many months to finish, where in between they lay unattended in my bag. Then for the sake of finishing the book I would start again and would find something interesting and then I would read it continuously. So now that my rant is little bit over lets start with actual review. And yes since the Books are Huge the review would be little longer than usual.
          This trilogy of Books were written by Cornelia Funke originally in German and they have been translated in more than 26 languages around the world. This Fantasy series is a wonderful treat for Book lovers like yours truly. Every chapter in every book of the series starts with a small quote from a classic book many a times linking to the events of the Chapters.
              First book of Trilogy is called 'InkHeart', which tells the story of our Hero Mo (Mortimer) and his daughter Meggie. Mo works as Book Repairer, restoring old books and making new covers for them, but Mo has an extra-ordinary gift of Voice. Whenever Mo reads aloud from a Book, the character he is reading about would come alive in our world and as an equal transfer someone near by would go in the book in place of those. Mo's wife was disappeared one night when Mo was reading 'InkHeart' to Meggie. Yes! you got it InkHeart is the name of the book in the book which is central to the trilogy. When Mo's Wife was sucked into InkHeart it spit out three people from the Book, Capricorn, Basta and Dustfinger. Capricorn is the main villain for this book of the trilogy. 

How the villains track down our Hero and his daughter and how they fight for not only their survival but also of their friend's. The book is very big and takes its own time to come to the conclusion and it is a good story. You would love it because there is much more to love about this book and very little to not like. I gave too much background information in the beginning and if I continue to talk about the book it would turn in to another book. so do yourself a favor, stop reading the review and start reading the book. You won't regret it well not too much anyway. :)

My Score for InkHeart - **** / ***** 4/5


  1. Thanks for the post. It is nice to read.

    Regarding the book, it is available here


    1. Thanks TPSR for the comment. Yes its a nice book.


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