Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby you're as sweet as 3.14159265 - Book Review

Its my entry no. 4 for September on September 4, 2013 I hope to post a new blog entry every day on any one of my 5 blogs :). Let's see how many I am able to accomplish.

This is a rare case where the book delivers what it promises. 101 Love advice answers and it delivers much more than that many answers are given in a very sincere way which actually makes sense and in between we get jokes and there are lot of jokes. If you have to read one comedy book buy this one. Few jokes would sound familiar but you will get many more which are new. The format of the book is like an extended advice column. The language is easy and conversational, you would think that either he is talking to the person or telling you a story from his numerous stage shows. I was provided a review copy by Hog Wild himself, now it doesn't mean that since he gave me the book I was bound to say good things, no I am bound to say good things about the book because it is a good book. You would not be bored reading this book and soon you would be reading the back cover and thinking that the book should have gone a little bit longer.  I could go on and on about the jokes and advice given in the book but you should rather read the book than its review. I have decided to give this book 4/5 stars and I loved this book. I took away one star due to the familiar jokes and few weak portions in the book. But 4 stars doesn't make a bad book, buy it you wouldn't miss the money you spend on it.

This is the first book by Hog Wild.

My Score for 'Baby You're as Sweet as 3.14159265' by Hog Wild **** out of ***** (4/5)

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