Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flesh House - Book Review

"Flesh House" is a crime thriller from Scottish writer Stuart MacBride set in Aberdeen a city somewhere in Scotland, I had never heard of the city before picking up the book so it was nice reading about a new city. So moving on the book is about a serial killer known as "The Flesher" and what he does is mixes human flesh/meat with the normal meat. 

When an abandoned container is opened, police founds out that it is full of Meat and almost 40% of it Human. Since Flesher hadn't struck in a long time, this puts all kinds of gears in motion. New police officers are called in from bigger cities to track and neutralize the serial killer. I didn't feel that the book was a page turner, may be someone from Scotland might disagree but the book seemed to drag at points. The mystery itself is quite good with the suspects who turn out to be innocent. And bigger surprises as so move towards the end. The book improves on the pace towards the end. All in all a nice book to pass the time. The book doesn't flow in a linear path and generally it's not a problem but its not executed that well. To keep this review short, I would say give this book a chance may be it would be more to your liking.

My Review Score for Flesh House ***/***** 3/5

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