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Book Blitz - Karma's Dilemma by Karma

~ Book Blitz ~
Karma's Dilemma
by Karma

About the Book:
Karma, a young man, knows very well who his soulmate is. Or so he thinks.

But, really, who is the one?

The posh Angela who he worships. Or is it Sana, the wild racer, who drives him crazy. Or is it Simi, the sensible psychologist, who puts him back together.

Or maybe there is no one for him because of Karma’s deeds in his all-consuming quest as he scours the world has broken so many rules that, one day, karma, the immortal and unrelenting collector of soul-debt, comes calling for Karma, the mortal, himself.

The novel demonstrates the lengths one is willing to go to, the rules one is willing to break and the soul-debt one is willing to accumulate in the quest for a soulmate. Truly, everything is fair in love, even if not in war.

Will Karma the mortal outwit karma the immortal? Or will karma wipe Karma away...

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Read some Snippets from Karma's Dilemma

~ Snippet 1 ~

That night, I had a dream based on a story in Hinduism. A gem of a boy, Prahlad, a favorite of the gods, had a demon for a father, Hiranyakashipu. One day, the gods had enough of the demon and dispatched God Vishnu to put an end to the demon. Legend has it that Vishnu, in his half-man and half-lion avatar, emerged from a pillar in the demon’s palace and, despite the good son’s pleas, disemboweled the demon. So, in my dream, Vishnu emerged from the wall just behind Father’s armchair. As soon as I saw Vishnu, I pointed towards Father and cried out: “There he is! Lingaraja, my father, the enemy of love. End him!” as Father trembled.

“Yes, but, first, where is the Amrutha (nectar)?” Vishnu asked me.

“Which Amrutha?”

“The Amrutha of Angela’s lips; the proof of your love.”

“I…I don’t have it. I mean, I didn’t complete the kiss.”

“What! Then, it is not your father, but you are the culprit. Karma, the coward, the true enemy of love, must die!” Vishnu roared and ripped open my stomach. I woke up with a cold sweat.

~ Snippet 2 ~

“How do I find Angela?”

“I will have to cast a spell to bring her back into your life; she won’t return otherwise.”

So saying, the psychic chanted some mantras for a few minutes, took out a fresh acupuncture needle from a sealed packet, pricked my right forefinger and drew blood to drip on a lamp-flame; it reminded me of the story I once read in school, where the devotee gives his blood to keep the lamp burning for his Goddess. The psychic held my finger over the frame, squeezing firmly, as drop after drop of my blood fell upon and fed the flame.

“Now wish for her, with all your heart.”

“Angela, my dearest, I wish for you more than anything in the world. I love you. Come to me!” I whispered and the lamp flame, fed by my own blood, seemed to burn brighter as I made my wish.

“It’s done,” he said, after some more chanting.

“Supposing that she does return, how will it go?”

“On that, I will be very frank. What I am doing goes against vidhi, the natural order of things; it’s risky. It’s even possible that you might very much regret her returning. But if you have that fear, you shouldn’t love.”

Download a copy on 2nd May!

About the Author:
Dear Readers,

Before I tell you more about myself, I want to answer a question that might arise in your mind. Given there are already so many writers (some might think too many), the question is: Why should I write at all?

Simply, I write because I was not allowed to write. Or read any book which had the word love in it. In my family, it was believed that reading about love lead to rebellion. I myself picked up the pen when my only child was six-months-old. At that time, I was without a job. I wrote because there was a lot that I wanted to tell my child, even if one day in the future, to make sense of this world. Writing also helped me keep hope alive, one page at a time, as I went from one fruitless interview to another.

As my child took the first steps, I reached a milestone of my own. I completed my first book; the story of a young man's quest to find answers to life's questions. A boutique publisher in Paris loved it and translated my work into French. I even found a job soon after.

I am choosing to write under a pen-name because I am at a stage in my life where I prefer and love anonymity. Once my child is older, I intend to write under my own name.

Many thanks for reading my post and I hope you enjoy reading my novels.

Happy Reading!

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