Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Review: Massage No Boom Boom

Massage No Boom Boom Massage No Boom Boom by Anand Prabhu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let's first talk about the book, It's funny, open, daring and, in detailing his experiences with massages all around the world, the author has decided to share a large portion of his life. Now although the author talks about more freedom and that he wants to share his experience and that we shouldn't be so ashamed of our sexuality or our need for a human touch. But I believe that he has written with a pen name as I wasn't able to find any other books by him on Goodreads or unable to find his photo even on the HarperCollins website.

Your message is very important, so wouldn't you want to share the message yourself with the world. Share your name O! messiah O! opener of eyes. Share your photo let us feast our eyes on your visage. You would be glad to know that since your book was published in 2012 till now you can get a decent massage but no boom boom in many places in India now. Well, India is India the more things move forwards the more they go back. So that's the same with the scene too.

The book was funny and it was fun to read about the varying experiences of Mr. Prabhu. I had come across this book in a cafe and it caught my eye due to its funny title and then I had to order it and thankfully it didn't disappoint. So yeah go ahead even if you don't like massages there's no harm in reading about someone else's experiences.

People who don't read generally ask me my reasons for reading. Simply put I just love reading and so to that end I have made it my motto to just Keep on Reading. I love to read everything except for Self Help books but even those once in a while. I read almost all the genre but YA, Fantasy, Biographies are the most. My favorite series is, of course, Harry Potter but then there are many more books that I just adore. I have bookcases filled with books which are waiting to be read so can't stay and spend more time in this review, so remember I loved reading this and love reading more, you should also read what you love and then just Keep on Reading.

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