Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Review: Moonshadow: The Story of the Total Eclipse

Moonshadow: The Story of the Total Eclipse Moonshadow: The Story of the Total Eclipse by Terry Manners
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For a book which was written about 20 years ago it's very surprising that my review is going to the first one also my rating. This was one of the many second hand books I get from the book fairs at cheapo price and the quality was extremely good considering it was 20 years old book now coming to the content of the book the title says it all it's about Total Solar Eclipse. This book is full of amazing photographs covering the phenomenon which has captured human imagination since the beginning of the time. There are few mispronunciations like calling Agra as Accra in the beginning which I caught as well I live in India and most specifically have lived in Agra as well. But yes coming back to the book as all know the solar eclipse happens when moon covers the sun and it's shadow covers the earth hence the name. Chapters are divided with great photos and talk about the past and future eclipses then talk about eclipses in the context of myths and the history also the authors covers the mission to the moon and the space wars. The book also contains few tidbits here and there about moon, people who have been to moon, even some couplets of Shakespeare where he talked about eclipses.

I would like to point out though that the book is little try but again the photos are simply wonderful also this is extremely outdated I mean hubble telescope had just been operational for few years then and the International Space Station was still under planning or construction by the time the book was published and mentions them. So yeah this is smaller coffee table kinda book with glossy papers if you find it get it because most probably you would find it also in the discount bin. So as I am done with this I shall go ahead and read some more and would just Keep on Reading.

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