Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Review: Imperfect

Imperfect Imperfect by Sanjay Manjrekar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like most I know Manjrekar the commentator and know Manjrekar the player but since he played during the time when cable TV was non-existent and 96 world cup is something I remember for Sachin's, Jadeja's batting and India's collapse at Eden Gardens against Sri Lanka. Manjrekar was an average player and he is the first one to accept that. People have criticized the book for being more about his own analysis of his mindset more than the game or other stories but the data is something you can get from records but the stories are what only the person would be able to tell you. So Manjrekar the retired cricketer tells about his father who was a major cricketer and how his fame motivated him to become a cricketer. The chapters are scattered across his life and after a chapter about his tour of 91 in Australia I was getting ready to read about 1992 world cup but no he talks about 1996 world cup and I had to check the 1992 team to see if he even played there then where did that world cup disappear to when that comes in later chapters where he talks about his failures and struggles.

It was nice read and liked it because I had seen some of him as a cricketer and also his well covered clashes with Ravindra Jadeja and other commentators during the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Well I liked it so how about you also try something new and give it chance may be you will also learn something new and maybe you would too just Keep on Reading.

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