Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Review: The Sadhu: The Birth of the Warrior

The Sadhu: The Birth of the Warrior The Sadhu: The Birth of the Warrior by Graphic India
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow colour me impressed, I didn't have much expectations from this reboot having just finished the second part of the original series but boy was I wrong? Chuck Dixon is a master story teller and I salute thee.

Okay while the major story remains the same but that's the only part that remains same except for that almost everything about the original book has been changed and all the boring parts from the original two books has been chucked away to keep all the fast paced action and wonderful story beats which beat from one page to another even in the different issues they pick up from the last scene and the story just flows through and I just kept on reading through even though I should have been asleep by now but no that damn wonderful book had to keep me awake and I just couldn't sleep before finishing that.

That's one way to reboot a story and all the good for it, now where's my next amazing adventure in this reboot. That would be totally out of it as it would have to be a new story, Graphic India work on it and keep it as tight and wonderful as this one.

So yeah no matter if you have read the original two books or not this one is must own graphic novel and with it's fast paced action and awesome art it would keep you staring at it for a long time. So pick it and then just Keep on Reading .

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