Saturday, December 6, 2014

Book Review - Henni

I was loaned/provided this DRC e-Copy for an honest review by NetGalley 

This is kinda a YA graphic novel about a girl called Henni who lives in a world of Cat-people. Using cat-people the author has drawn a wonderful world which tells the story about two societies. One where Henni grows up is filled is religious zealots and when she grows up run away from her village she reaches another village which is filled with cat-people who are ruled by fear and forced in submission and agreeing with their wish. This graphic novel tells us about Henni's continuous journey to different villages. 

This time we cover two of them and promise of continuous story. Very nice and different presentation. Very good read for all. Will wait for next installments and like most I will post full review once the book is published.

My rating for e-ARC of this Graphic novel is 4/5 stars or ****/*****

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