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Book Review - Hexagon by Ishaan Lalit

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So there you have it a Sci-Fi book by an Indian author. That was my primary motivation to buy this book and it was like a breath of fresh air seeing this book among all the myriad kind of love stories which were on offer. Kudos to Ishaan on thinking out of mold. 

Now coming to the review of the actual book. In a word 'Meh' don't get me wrong I liked the book but its not kind of book which would linger in your thoughts by the virtue of being that good. Though the concept is good but the treatment is lacking. 

The story is about a thief Rahul Oberoi who was never caught but his luck runs out when he is caught with his girl friend. But rather than taking them to police station they are taken to a secret base where Rahul's Grandfather worked and we have a secret structure called Hexagon which is a portal between 6 parallel worlds. We come to know that all the worlds are under attack by a vicious people who are called Moths and only Rahul can save all the worlds. And then we are taken through all the different worlds in order to save them all. 

Story is okay but again execution is poor. There are so many mistakes that it appears that there was no editor who worked on the book. Also so many continuity mistakes that it also appears that there was no proofreading done. To top it all there is an entire chapter repeated word to word. Totally unacceptable. 

So in all the book was Okay but could have been better if worked on pace and also if the spelling and other errors are corrected. In all there can be a v2 of this book with corrected mistakes.

In all my rating goes 3/5 ***/*****

P.S. - This reviews is also eligible for "First Read Challenge 2014" and IQRC 2014 (Indian Quill Reading Challenge 2014)

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