Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Review - The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks well who hasn't heard of the book. Many of us have watched the movie and many more of have read the book. And now I am part of many more who have done both. This was my first read by Nicholas Sparks. 

This is a classic love story of lost and found love. The book starts in an old age home where in an old man narrates a story from 'The Notebook'. Story of Noah and Allie. They met one summer as 17 and 15 years old and had  a summer of whirlwind romance. But like always Allie's rich parents take her away to another city away from Noah. 

Now 14 years later finally then have found each other. Both have been unsatisfied since losing each other and haven't truly found love. Allie is engaged and is about to get married. But then she sees Noah in a newspaper and comes down to meet him. 

I believe that its very easy to make someone laugh in a book but very difficult for a writer to make readers cry. Well I certainly got tears in my eyes not once but many times. This is a wonderful first book. If you haven't read this book do it now. You will not be sorry. 

My Ratings 5/5 --- Stars go as *****/*****

P.S. - This is part of First Reads Challenge 2014


  1. was really surprised that can anybody love another person more than even of Noah for his wife is very touching...

    tears rolled down my eyes reading the climax..the notebook gave life to the emotions...loved a lot reading it....


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