Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Review: Mr Mercedes

Mr Mercedes Mr Mercedes by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I read and finished it in double quick time didn't I, I did. I loved this new book and the proof is that I managed to finish this book in 5 days while there are books on my currently-reading list for many years now. I hope to finish them someday but let's come back to the book in question. Maybe it's only me and I haven't read much work of Mr. King but this still felt different but the same time there was some similarities as well and I read through the pages in a daze and of course the newly implemented lockdown helped as well but why didn't it do the same for the other books? Maybe because they didn't get the King Magic but no worries all shall be read. I laughed, cried, dreaded, sighed, and all other emotions throughout the story and of course, I am off to the next part of the trilogy now.

People who don't read generally ask me my reasons for reading. Simply put I just love reading and so to that end I have made it my motto to just Keep on Reading. I love to read everything except for Self Help books but even those once in a while. I read almost all the genres but YA, Fantasy, Biographies are the most. My favorite series is, of course, Harry Potter but then there are many more books that I just adore. I have bookcases filled with books which are waiting to be read so can't stay and spend more time in this review, so remember I loved reading this and love reading more, you should also read what you love and then just Keep on Reading.

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