Sunday, November 3, 2019

Review: The Girl in Room 105

The Girl in Room 105 The Girl in Room 105 by Chetan Bhagat
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don't know why does it happen and I end up supporting and writing about the reason why I like authors like Chetan Bhagat or Durgesh Dutta but I don't understand the extreme hate towards Mr. Bhagat. Is the story lacks something sure I am not saying it's a masterwork but there is certainly scope for lighters books which you can hash out in a day or two well with my current schedule it took me a little longer to finish it but still I finished it quicker than other books.

Coming to this book like everybody would tell you this time over the story is a murder mystery and it's handled in a good manner. People who are complaining about the sloppy investigation by main protagonist should remember that Keshav and Saurabh are smarter than normal but still they are simple fools. I liked the characters and the reveal too though I had suspected the culprit but somehow my but the story beats confused my simple mind too, after all I never claimed to be smart one myself :P. I liked it and let's hope that Mr. Bhagat comes up with another good book next time over too after all he has his ups and downs too.

People who don't read generally ask me my reasons for reading. Simply put I just love reading and so to that end I have made it my motto to just Keep on Reading. I love to read everything except for Self Help books but even those once in a while. I read almost all the genre but YA, Fantasy, Biographies are the most. My favorite series is of course Harry Potter but then there are many more books that I just adore. I have bookcases filled with books which are waiting to be read so can't stay and spend more time in this review, so remember I loved reading this and love reading more, you should also read what you love and then just Keep on Reading.

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