Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna

This is the second book by Twinkle Khanna also known as Mrs. Funnybones in her weekly article in TOI and that was also the name of her first book which I have yet to read.

Now coming onto this book, it's a short stories collection consisting just 4 short stories. 3 of the short stories are fairly smaller if compared with the 4th one which is easily the size of a novella.

The title of the book is taken from the first story where in a young girl takes it upon herself to change the societal norms

Second Story tells the story of two old widowed sister out of whom the elder one embarks on a love affair with a fellow senior citizen.

Third story tells the story of Elena a free spirit who is unluckly is love and despite being married five times she is alone.

Forth and the final story is the biggest of all and like I said easily the size of a novella. This tells us story of Bablu who works to develop a cheaper alternative to the senatory napkins.

All the stories are simple and focusing on the human emotions also the movie Padman starring Akshay Kumar was based on the 4th story which itself is a fiction account of real person Arunachalam Muruganantham from Tamilnadu.

I finished the book in a single sitting and it was thoroughly enjoyble. Give it a chance as it's a easy read so enjoy the time and Keep on Reading.

My Final Rating for the Book:
4/5 or ****/*****

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