Thursday, February 19, 2015

How Google Works - Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

Almost everyone who uses Internet uses at least one of the Google products. Google Search Engine is market leader and we use it so much so that it's used as a verb now i.e. 'Let me Google it' or 'I tried Googling the topic'  or 'I Googled that word'.

With this book two of the top most guys at Google who worked to make Google the force it is today. Eric Schmidt was CEO of Google for many years and Jonathan Rosenberg was Senior Vise President and now works as an Adviser to current CEO and Google co-founder Larry Page.

In this work of 3 years Eric and Jonathan use their experience of working at Google and other tech giants to provide with great insight and knowledge about the way Google works and how others can do the same. The book is very useful for CEO and current and future entrepreneurs.

Eric and Jonathan talk about everything from their hiring strategy to the famous Google maxim of 'Don't be Evil' to their successes and failures as a company. 

It's a wonderful read and it was very nice reading about the way the Google products I use daily come to be.

My Rating - 4/5 i.e. ****/*****

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